Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sorry... Sorry

sorry .... sorry

2 sad faces

love theme

Sad..but still in love

This set of 16 pcs chocolate moist cuppies request by Jessica Koay from penang . Jess ym and asking me to del the cuppies to Mr. Lim in Sg. Abong
Jess ask me to pass some message to Lim, to say "sorry" n she "still love lim" there any problems between them...opsss...i don't know then, sorry. As a baker, I feel happy when making this cuppies , rolling the fondant and piping the cream , I hope Mr Lim Gin Leng also happy and enjoy the cuppies...its great if u can forgive her n be together again..

Bak kata pepatah " Buang yang keruh..ambil yang jernih

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